Disposable Promises chronicles four young Egyptians’ journey, of them being detached from their country before the revolution, and through the trials and events of the movement. For the four years of turmoil that followed the January 25th revolution, they embark on a journey of self worth. Their awakened love for their country gets tangled with their own personal relationships and comradery. Leaving them in a state of utter failure, and in turn, loss of their own individual identities and love for each other.


Producer: Yue Liu
Director: Larkin Sackett
Playwright: Salma S. Zohdi
Dramaturg: Ida Biering
Stage Manager: Blake Kile
Set Design: Lex Marcos
Lighting Design: Cha See
Costume/ Projection/Sound Design: Larkin Sackett & Salma S. Zohdi
Graphic Design: Yue Liu


Reena — Layla Wolfgang
Adam — Omar Cruz
Claire — Lauren Maykut
Joe — Josh Domingo
Stranger/Interviewer — Quinn Rol