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Eurydice is a meditation on memory and loss that examines the relationships of fathers and daughters and how we commune with those across the veil. After a tragic fall on her wedding day,Eurydice arrives in the land of the dead where she meets her father who she cannot recognize. Orpheus searches desperately in the land of the living for a way to Eurydice. Meanwhile,Eurydice’s father teaches her how to speak again and the Lord of the Underworld takes a liking to her. When Orpheus sings at the gates of hell will he be able to get Eurydice back or will she choose to stay?


Playwright: Sarah Ruhl
Director: Inés Braun
Producer: Yue Liu
Stage Manager: Todd Brian Backus
Composer: David Cieri
Costume Designer: Emily White
Lighting Designer: Christopher Thielking
Set Designer: Devin Petersen


Eurydice —Marina Shay
Father —Michael Hajek
Orpheus —Kyle Leibovitch
Nasty Interesting Man/ Lord of the Underworld—Gregory Hermann
Little Stone —Kristin Winters
Big Stone —Maddy Boles
Loud Stone —Sasha Gordon

Piano: David Cieri
Cello: Jake Sokolov Gonzalez
Viola: Kate Barmotina
Violin: Jennifer Zahlit
Violin: Melisa Gohar Atoyan