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At the center of No Candy is a multi-generational community of Bosnian Muslim women who run a gift shop near the Srebrenica massacre memorial. The play follows how each woman copes, privately and publicly, with the trauma she experienced during the war: she dreams of Julie Andrews; she dresses drag in her father’s clothes; she allows the ghost of her husband to stay a little while in her home. While No Candy is very much about how trauma inhabits the body and shapes a community, it is also about the persistence of humor, art, and absurdity in an unimaginable time.

Creative Team

Playwright: Emma Stanton
Director: Devon de Mayo
Assistant Director: Will Quam
Set & Costume Design: Christopher Heilman
Lighting Design: Cha See
Sound Design: Stephen Ptacek
Producer: Yue Liu


Amber Robinson
Lucy Carapetyan
Lorraine Freund
Carolyn Molloy
Abby Pajakowski
Andrew Hager
Jess Thigpen